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2:57Marco Reus - Borussia Dortmund's Most Loyal Player
Marco Reus - Borussia Dortmund's Most Loyal PlayerVisualizações 23 mil3 dias atrás
5:03Top 10 Best US Goals of All Time 🇺🇸
Top 10 Best US Goals of All Time 🇺🇸Visualizações 23 mil4 dias atrás
2:06Erling Haaland's Goal Celebration For Injured Axel Witsel
6:47Top 10 Bloopers of 2020
Top 10 Bloopers of 2020Visualizações 76 mil10 dias atrás
0:58Hat Trick from 19-year-old American Matthew Hoppe
Hat Trick from 19-year-old American Matthew HoppeVisualizações 207 mil8 dias atrás
1:18The Best Goal Of 2020 is...
The Best Goal Of 2020 is...Visualizações 19 mil9 dias atrás
6:33Kingsley Coman - Bundesliga's Best
Kingsley Coman - Bundesliga's BestVisualizações 36 mil10 dias atrás
5:13Top 10 Backheel Goals of All Time
Top 10 Backheel Goals of All TimeVisualizações 21 mil12 dias atrás
2:33Top 5 Goals • Sané, Amiri & More | Matchday 14 - 2020/21
6:39Robert Lewandowski - All Goals 2020
Robert Lewandowski - All Goals 2020Visualizações 79 mil18 dias atrás
1:43Schalke 04 Sign Premier League Player from Arsenal
Schalke 04 Sign Premier League Player from ArsenalVisualizações 52 mil17 dias atrás
5:07Erling Haaland - All Goals 2020
Erling Haaland - All Goals 2020Visualizações 120 mil26 dias atrás
4:42Top 10 Best Free-Kick Goals 2020
Top 10 Best Free-Kick Goals 2020Visualizações 36 mil26 dias atrás
1:22Bundesliga Christmas Song 2020
Bundesliga Christmas Song 2020Visualizações 26 mil26 dias atrás
4:34Top 10 Goals December - Moukoko, Schick, Reyna & More
Top 10 Goals December - Moukoko, Schick, Reyna & MoreVisualizações 23 mil26 dias atrás
31:08Robert Lewandowski - All 250 Bundesliga Goals
Robert Lewandowski - All 250 Bundesliga GoalsVisualizações 346 milMês atrás
1:55RB Leipzig Sign Mega Talent From FC Salzburg
RB Leipzig Sign Mega Talent From FC SalzburgVisualizações 54 milMês atrás
2:54One of The Greatest of All Time - Best of Manuel Neuer


  • I never buy a players shirt because they always end up moving (Very long list here) or doing doing something 'wrong' (Dembele, Auba to a lesser degree...) But I have my number 11 in Black and Yellow!! No worries here...

  • even kruse is away, they have teuchert!

  • Please beat Bayern

  • Marco will always have a special place in my heart. I wish more players had this kind of loyalty and dedication, specially amongst is Dortmund teammates... Let's build something here and give Marco a few titles before he hangs them...

  • Тихий и Игнатьев, удачи в Шальке!!!!

  • It's the magic of Dmitry Tikhiy and Vlad Ignatyev!!! Danke, S04!!!!!

  • Union is destroying Bundesliga. Hang in there!

  • These guys are so good.

  • Luka yoviç

  • Bosz should have brought alario much earlier from the bench. Schick looked very poor. Congrats to union. They are very difficult to play due to their incredible team spirit and their massive defense. Impressive!

  • i bet the union berlin board want them to get champions league spot now

  • Plane in france

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  • Imagine union Berlin qualifying for cl

  • Honestly watching this video makes me fear about how bright the future of the U.S. soccer team is! xD

  • A perfect defensive mid for Argentina. Something they are lacking after retirement of Mascherano. They have so may young talents in midfield with the likes of Ascacibar, Lisandro, Paredes, Palacios, Ocampos. But the thing is they should get regular call up for international duty.

  • Should go on Americas got talent, do u agree bundesliga?

  • Akhirnya luka jovic balik lagi,kurang konsisten di real Madrid

  • USA new hoppe

  • Hi kido. Do you interest to play in spain with the best player in the world?

  • Hoppe bring hope to schalke

  • When ur wife knows and practices karate u do Wonderful

  • 😂😂😂

  • Bruh! Union Berlin doing wonders!

  • Even in his BRfund highlights and "Best Goals" he looks slow and ponderous with a clumsy touch. Hoffenheim need arresting for this crime! Well, our scouts should be really- he is utterly shocking.

  • he should stay at German, he not the level of Madrid.


  • Union Berlin: the Leicester city of the Bundesliga

  • 2:03 Hoppe‘s Plan In Germany we call this: Flachwitz

  • 🥶🥶

  • UP THE UNION 🔴🔴🔴

  • union Berlin is going to UEL

  • Zidan😍

  • Congrats Union❤