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The McElroy Family is the channel where you can find all things produced by, you guessed it, The McElroy Family. New episodes of Monster Factory are coming, as well as video uploads of the podcasts My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone, and whatever else we come up with.


1:12:19MaxFunDrive Day Two! Visit Cool Town!
MaxFunDrive Day Two! Visit Cool Town!Visualizações 20 mil22 horas atrás
2:10The Adventure Zone: Season 4 Trailer
The Adventure Zone: Season 4 TrailerVisualizações 207 mil22 horas atrás
1:08:38FMV Quest Reloaded: At Dead of Night
FMV Quest Reloaded: At Dead of NightVisualizações 51 milMês atrás
3:47Previously On The Adventure Zone: Fur
Previously On The Adventure Zone: FurVisualizações 51 mil3 meses atrás
29:43Creating a baby monster in Crusader Kings 3 | Monster Factory
57:27Griffin returns to Beanport in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
RatashootieVisualizações 149 mil4 meses atrás
8:19Taste of Luxury Episode 3: Fashion Show
Taste of Luxury Episode 3: Fashion ShowVisualizações 95 mil4 meses atrás
7:40Taste of Luxury Episode 1: Cruising
Taste of Luxury Episode 1: CruisingVisualizações 167 mil4 meses atrás
8:08Taste of Luxury Episode 4: Private Concert
Taste of Luxury Episode 4: Private ConcertVisualizações 68 mil4 meses atrás
7:10Taste of Luxury Episode 5: Hunting
Taste of Luxury Episode 5: HuntingVisualizações 65 mil4 meses atrás
6:42Taste of Luxury Episode 2: Spa
Taste of Luxury Episode 2: SpaVisualizações 98 mil4 meses atrás
1:32Taste of Luxury: Coming December 10th
Taste of Luxury: Coming December 10thVisualizações 65 mil5 meses atrás
24:42Bake On: Week 10 (Final)
Bake On: Week 10 (Final)Visualizações 11 mil5 meses atrás
2:41Brainstorming a new intro for MBMBaM
Brainstorming a new intro for MBMBaMVisualizações 195 mil5 meses atrás
36:37lofi smash mouth radio - beats to relax/study to
lofi smash mouth radio - beats to relax/study toVisualizações 163 mil5 meses atrás
23:54Bake On: Week Nine (Patisserie)
Bake On: Week Nine (Patisserie)Visualizações 7 mil5 meses atrás
37:50Bake On: Week Eight (Dessert)
Bake On: Week Eight (Dessert)Visualizações 9 mil5 meses atrás
6:23PlayStation 5 Unboxing ft. Dr. Sydnee McElroy
PlayStation 5 Unboxing ft. Dr. Sydnee McElroyVisualizações 69 mil5 meses atrás
41:57Bake On: Week Six/Seven (Japanese/80's)
Bake On: Week Six/Seven (Japanese/80's)Visualizações 12 mil5 meses atrás
2:32It's Beaver Ass
It's Beaver AssVisualizações 224 mil6 meses atrás
25:59jIM jELLY is doing gymnastics their way | Monster Factory
29:39Bake On: Week Five (Pastry)
Bake On: Week Five (Pastry)Visualizações 10 mil6 meses atrás
0:46First review of the Dunkin’ Ghost Pepper Donut
First review of the Dunkin’ Ghost Pepper DonutVisualizações 153 mil6 meses atrás
1:27:35The McElroy Brothers and Friends Play Among Us!
The McElroy Brothers and Friends Play Among Us!Visualizações 300 mil6 meses atrás
42:36Bake On: Week Four (Chocolate)
Bake On: Week Four (Chocolate)Visualizações 12 mil6 meses atrás
30:36BakeOn: Week 3 (Bread)
BakeOn: Week 3 (Bread)Visualizações 13 mil6 meses atrás
38:28Bake On: Week Two (Biscuits)
Bake On: Week Two (Biscuits)Visualizações 24 mil6 meses atrás
26:44Crafting a monster in Woodworking Simulator | Monster Factory


  • Gods I hope there are cute shark girls.

  • this looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what the boys have been working on :D

  • *starfish from finding Nemo voice* Today's the dayyyyyyyy


  • Fuck. I love this WAY too much.


  • The mouth noises are just too much

  • So how long until Ocean Man becomes the perfect theme for a moment in this series? Final episode? Sometime in the opening World-Building, or deep into the D&D half of the series where it somehow fits a fight scene in a "Mamma Mia goes with Lord of the Rings" sort of the way?

  • Bio-shocking

  • The Thalassaphobe in me is gonna fight the TAZ fan in me

  • Themes I’d like to see: starfish by Peter watts, Cthulhu, obviously, blindsight, Subnautica, and that’s it. But I’d recommend starfish as a starter for anyone interested in the subject.

    • Commenting to myself I’d say that I’m happy with whatever Griffin comes up with. I’m sure to be pleasantly surprised. !!

  • Yooooooo

  • I don’t know if I’ve already commented here, but this Monster Factory made my roommate and I laugh so hard our bodies were sore

  • Return of the king

  • Imagine being hundreds of episodes behind and knowing you wont see this for years. couldnt be me.

  • Where

  • Tres H2O boys

  • This was truly a bizarre adventure.

  • Initially read "Ethersea" as "Earthsea" and got very confused. Can't wait!

  • Oh my god, travis, your new follower notification is suuuuper distracting. Sounds really creepy, and the picture is big and long. Oh, you beautiful fool.

  • That music did not have to slap as hard as it does, so good aaaa

  • Got chills, excited to see Griffin back in the DM seat for this season. Travis did amazing with season 3, onwards and upwards boys.

  • Anyone else just get knocked to tears from the sheer hype of this alone? Everything about this seems so cool I can't wait to see how this world is built!

  • Hang on, is this DND based around the pictures on the old Sea Monkey boxes?

  • Why is Kravitz telling me about this?

  • Splatoon 4 is now real

  • Wait, this makes 2 “TAZ:E’s” Amnesty Balance Commitment Dust Elementary Ethersea Fur Graduation Hootenanny Inheritance (Dadlands) Just Us (K)nights Lords of Crunch Mercer Edit: don’t ask my why I know this

  • Anybody else wondering if "Neptune's Diner" makes an appearance?

  • Update I've watched this 26 times

  • God... lied... 🤣😂

  • I'm gonna be so angry it they actually manage to make me care about a character who is just a walking coral in a suit of armour 😂

  • Me still hoping they do dust again

  • me whenever a youtuber/streamer is not playing a game to my satisfaction: youre not a screenreader either, it seems...

  • It's incredible that you can be the hosts of a bunch of highly successful podcasts - written the book on it, even - and yet Justin's sound quality is complete horseshit. I don't think it's the hardware, boys.

  • what genre of asmr is this. I need fantasy narration over thunderstorm sounds and dreamy lofi space/water music

  • I need this soundtrack HNNGGG

  • As a DM, I really wish guys like Griffin and Matt Mercer would stop setting such insurmountable expectations for DMs everywhere. THAT SAID I'M HYPED, HELL YES.

  • Neat concept.


  • Making rice crispy treats with fruity pebbles is how we did it growing up and you'll never go back 😊

  • OMG... knew it was coming... had seen playthroughs before... still jumped absolutely out of my skin... at least justin's delayed response made me laugh...


  • I keep coming back to this because of the music. Kudos to Griffin, you’re so talented.

  • Nice work on the music Griffin, CdL is such a good song for sampling, very you.

  • Oh no, now I have to binge all of Sponge Bob

  • me: where's the domes where's the domes where's the domes where's the domes 1:53 me: THERE'S THE DOMES seriously I am so fucking pumped I was a mermaid kid when I was little and I am LIVING I'm so excited graduation came out right around the same time I (and most of the internet) divorced Joanne Rowling so it was kinda hard for me to get into bc Complicated Magic School Memories (I'm catching up now)(ily travis graduation is great this is not a slam it was just bad timing) so i am SO fucking excited to have a new season to start while I'm catching up on graduation and WATER MERMAIDS OCEAN AHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHH

  • HK vibes, though since its Griffin I'm not surprised


  • I cant listen because the whispering noise in the background makes me feel like I'm losing my damn mind.

  • They’ve evolved from domes to spheres this is character development everyone

  • Everything about this, the music, the setting, the characters and enemies, IT'S SO GOOD!!! I can't wait for this season.

  • I can't believe this was on trending. From Monster Factory to finding MBMBaM while on my night shift retail job I got right before the pandemic, now Adventure Zone. You brothers (and papa Clint) have made this entire strange time an enjoyable ride.

  • i like it for my ears while I'm taking my test

  • I'm a big CR fan but never got into TAZ, would this be a good place to *ahem* dive in, or should I watch past stuff first?

    • None of the seasons are connected so it's the perfect time to start listening! I would still highly recommend season 1 though.

  • This seems dope, I’m most definetly going to get back into taz when this comes out


  • Stream starts 0:02:48

  • Justin’s gotta be the piece of seaweed in a suit of armor, right

  • I'm so excited!

  • Ok but why is no one talking about how hard the theme goes

  • very excited about that alphonse elric looking guy

  • First 30 seconds: "ah, I see. This is going to be an allegory for climate change." Next 90 seconds: *whimsical hydropunk delight*

  • Holy shit this music composition was fantastic. Can't wait to go on all these adventures with you guys

  • 1:25 Octopus is cute.🐙

  • i keep watching this over and over again and im in love. the animation is fantastic and so so so damn cute and compelling. and I especially love how every movement is on-beat with the song. may 6th hurry the hell up challenge

  • Giving me some serious Steven Universe vibes, love it.

  • among us

  • Stoked!!!

  • Is no one gonna mention how good the music is

  • I got chills, this is so cool

  • IM SO READY (eventhoimverybehindandjustgotintotazbutiamveryexcited!) P.s (I am now in episode 54! Only took me 3 and a half months to get there!)

  • Just started the series, this is gonna be great

  • Hello, Humans. If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose? TERRANCE OUT

  • My predictions: Way of the Astral Self Monk with a pet (Clint), Battle Smith Artificer (Travis) and a Warforged Fighter (Justin)?

  • Can we talk about the music tho?

  • ngl this made me cry it's so beautiful I can't wait