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2:15Hyper Scape: Season 3 Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
Hyper Scape: Season 3 Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]Visualizações 11 mil18 horas atrás
1:09Brawlhalla: Battle Pass Season 3 Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
Brawlhalla: Battle Pass Season 3 Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]Visualizações 3,9 mil18 horas atrás
1:00Anno 1800: Docklands DLC Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
Anno 1800: Docklands DLC Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]Visualizações 14 mil18 horas atrás
5:11Watch Dogs: Legion: Online Gameplay Overview | Ubisoft [NA]
47:18Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Reveal | Ubisoft [NA]
Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Reveal | Ubisoft [NA]Visualizações 109 mil18 horas atrás
3:29Rainbow Six Siege: The Playbook Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
1:39:01Immortals Fenyx Rising: Taming Epic Mounts Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]
1:03Mythic Quest - Season 2 Teaser | Apple TV+  | Ubisoft [NA]
3:02For Honor: The Road So Far | Year 5 Reveal | Ubisoft [NA]
1:01For Honor: Shovel Knight Crossover Announce | Ubisoft [NA]


  • Joesph was sorta right tho

  • I quit this game affter all the trash updates

  • What season are customisable elites coming in

  • If people still gotta pay $15 for R6 credits than whats the point?

  • Give finka and vigil an elite ffs

  • Mozzie elite plz

  • Anyone else hear crickets?

  • last month i purchased the doka and the ash well this sucks

  • No vigil 😭😭

  • Lookin like a Lesion ripoff

  • They make elite skins so people can start playing them more, ops like castle just get disrespected. If they designed for popular ops Vigil would already have one as well

  • Meanwhile, you can still get all elites for free... check my channel

  • 20%? How about 50%? Some of these Elite skins are way to expensive for what they really offer.

  • Literally just bought thermites😔

  • Seeing Kali's elite on sale really makes me wonder...

  • Well i was lacking 80 points, so i hope i can buy dokkaebi

  • i have waiting for jill valentine skins (zofia)

  • i bought pulse elite a month ago :c

  • Kali sure is a brat : /

  • 1. let's make an operator so op so everyone would buy it. 2. you realise that the operator is too op, and need to be nerfed. 3. nerf it again. 4. ...more. 5. give him a nade. 6. *TAKE BACK THE NADE, AND NERF IT AGAIN*

  • KALI WHEN DID SHE GET ONE? I just saw Maverick like a whole month ago!!

    • @高楷翔 Ooooh ok coolness thanks 😁

    • Recently, also it's the newest elite skin

  • If u on PC just use unlock all lmao

  • Give smoke a plague doctor elite skin bro

  • Ubisoft you are making me wet.

  • WOW 3 dollars off!!!! but ill still have to buy a set amount of credits instead the exact amount!!!!

  • can vigil get an elite skin please? like damn, ash got 3 and zofia got 2 already,

  • Thank you ubi, very cool. Good job 👍👍

  • I wish Mira had her old voice

  • Castle and montage elite when? Only base game ops without them

    • I appreciate everyone collectively wanting one for Castle and Monty.

  • we want free skin not sale :v

  • When is castle getting an elite skin??

  • a shame they chose some of the worst elites to put on sale

  • Yea, I can finally get my first elite skin for the very first time, I hope I have enough money to buy at least one.

  • Sweet.

  • Vieux post pour vendre des produits qui sont realement moins bien fait, que plusieurs skins d'alpa pack?

  • Why did u have to make side winder available

  • Pourquoi Tachinka et encore avec sa batteur stab

  • Hi bibisoft can you do this again in 2 years when i'll have money

  • I don't think so that Sidewinder Ash is in Market

  • PeePeePooPoo

  • Put mav on sale plos

  • of course, "if you played before year one you get sidewinder for free, and it will not be coming back". meanwhile: also so much for "every operator will have one elite before an op gets a second one, ash has 3 and zofia is getting a second. also don't buy sidewinder, it's a waste of money, animation is the worst in the game, weapon skins are mediocre at best. ubi had better give the people who earned it for free something to show they got it for free, cause they themselves said it wouldn't be coming back


    • I think they give it to people who already have a skin because they are collabs. I wouldn't want a skin from a game that I don't like as my only elite skin.

    • What about ash tomb raider elite? I like that one. I rarely use doc because I suck at using him but I might get him after the zofia 2nd elite.

  • excited for the new elite customization thing

  • Is the new customization options for the elites coming on the release of Crimson Heist?

  • 1:40 great aim from the devs there. 😂

  • Hell no

  • Finally tomb raider skin 🤤🤤

  • Maybe i would buy these if there was cross platform progression/customization

  • No Zofia? Not worth the re-install

  • Most of what Flores is supposed to do can be done with a grenade

  • Unpopular Opinion: Dokkaebi has the best Elite and she’s one of the best operators in Siege

    • @Tacticool i like that idea

    • Recruit elite needs to be a thing

    • @Tsarmani very true, disagreement doesn't mean false

    • @Chayse I respect urs too then :)

    • An opinion is free to be had. It is a subjective opinion which means no one can tell you that you’re wrong, they may only disagree with you.

  • Interesting that they are rereleasing the first Ash elite

  • Give vigil a elite skin

  • When will the jill valentine skin for zofia be available for purchase?

    • Possibly when crimson heist freshly releases. I hope thats when

  • When ur main’s elite isn’t on sale 😢

  • 20% off

  • Need a finka skin

  • Why did they bring sidewinder ash back, it was one of the rare things I had.

    • Not rare at all. The rare one is Black Viper

    • @Cooked oh yeah Far Cry 4 is is my favorite Far Cry I’m really hoping for FC6 to go back to old glory fc 2,3,4 days

    • @Kechioma yea I also have that one, so I’m not that mad but still it’s good that no one is buying it unless if they got it for free

    • It's always been available for purchase.. the rare one is from the outbreak packs. Only a small majority have that like me.

    • @Chayse far cry 4 literally slapped, I remember at the beginning you could stay at the table and pagin min would come back. Not as good as far cry 3 but it’s close

  • Hey Ubisoft, why does ash have thee elite skins and zofia getting her second, why not give more operators some elite skins

    • They're the 2 most picked attackers; people are more likely to buy it

    • @Flo Milli Shet true that

    • Bc the 2nd ones were collaborations with other games that would only really fit a certain operator

    • Because they aren’t very popular

  • “Sale” still gotta pay 20 for the r6 credits though

    • 15.

    • Yeah like whats the point lol

  • 나참 이런걸로 민심이 안정될거라 생각했냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 20% off on the sleazy spawn-peek 'stache doc skin. You love to see it.

  • When you already have the ones on sale😪

  • R6S

  • give me bartlett back

  • I already own every elite 😞

    • @Dreel 37 thank god, I’ve spent so much on my ps4, even Xbox. I’

    • @Kotz_ogi Don't worry they're working on Cross-Progression right now and most likely by the time you switch to PC you'll have all your stuff ;)

    • @Dreel 37 well sadly I’m console and I plan to switch to pc. Unless they allow me to bring it all over imma be sad

    • I have 4 and don't really want anymore

    • @Driver-_- my idea was gonna be get all the ones I have black ice for and then I kinda said I’m addicted and want everything to show off

  • YOU... FUC#*#*#$^^$&*#&$%$¿#,#'

  • Why not bandit sad

  • 20% off deez nuts

  • Why does kali get one and she just came out make it make sense

    • @Lxyfe _ I know what you mean

    • @Clown just meaning more recent

    • @Clown compared to the release that don’t have one yet she did

    • Kali didn’t just come out

  • Make a pulse agent 47 elite

  • I got the croft skin u know why

  • if you didn’t get sidewinder ash for free don’t buy it

  • Where is my nomad elite skin

  • smeg

  • Right after I buy

  • This won’t save you from the garbage changes you have

  • thank god we get to customize next season

  • Sukurmum