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3:41Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"Visualizações 1,4 mi21 dia atrás
SCARY STORIES w/ TOM MACDONALD!Visualizações 376 mil25 dias atrás
3:49Tom MacDonald - "Gravestones"
Tom MacDonald - "Gravestones"Visualizações 1,2 miMês atrás
3:23Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)
Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)Visualizações 2,4 mi2 meses atrás
3:02Tom MacDonald - "People So Stupid"
Tom MacDonald - "People So Stupid"Visualizações 9 mi2 meses atrás
TWO NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW & I'M CRYING!Visualizações 585 mil2 meses atrás
2:42Tom MacDonald - TWO NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW!
Tom MacDonald - TWO NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW!Visualizações 862 mil2 meses atrás
3:44Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"
Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"Visualizações 2,5 mi3 meses atrás
18:28Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"Visualizações 867 mil4 meses atrás
5:57Tom MacDonald - "No Response"
Tom MacDonald - "No Response"Visualizações 6 mi5 meses atrás
3:26Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"
Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"Visualizações 2 mi6 meses atrás
3:59Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"Visualizações 4,2 mi6 meses atrás
4:49Tom MacDonald ft. DAX - "Blame The Rappers"
Tom MacDonald ft. DAX - "Blame The Rappers"Visualizações 2,8 mi6 meses atrás
3:09Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"
Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"Visualizações 9 mi7 meses atrás
4:23Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"Visualizações 6 mi7 meses atrás
4:10"D.R.U.G" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild
"D.R.U.G" - Tom MacDonald & MadchildVisualizações 1,9 mi9 meses atrás
1:46Tom Macdonald & Madchild - "Killing The Neighbors"
Tom Macdonald & Madchild - "Killing The Neighbors"Visualizações 741 mil8 meses atrás
4:07"Sober" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild ft. Nova Rockafeller
3:30"White Trash" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild
"White Trash" - Tom MacDonald & MadchildVisualizações 5 mi9 meses atrás
3:59Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"Visualizações 2,6 mi10 meses atrás
3:58Tom MacDonald - "I Hate Hip Hop"
Tom MacDonald - "I Hate Hip Hop"Visualizações 8 mi10 meses atrás
4:02Tom Macdonald - "Fake Fans" (DISS)
Tom Macdonald - "Fake Fans" (DISS)Visualizações 2,8 mi11 meses atrás
3:55Tom MacDonald - Trying To Kill Me
Tom MacDonald - Trying To Kill MeVisualizações 4,9 miAnos atrás
3:26Tom Macdonald - "Cloned Rappers"
Tom Macdonald - "Cloned Rappers"Visualizações 3 miAnos atrás
3:35Tom MacDonald - "Ashes"
Tom MacDonald - "Ashes"Visualizações 1,5 miAnos atrás
1:36Tom MacDonald - "GHOSTORIES" ALBUM
Tom MacDonald - "GHOSTORIES" ALBUMVisualizações 375 milAnos atrás
2:51Tom MacDonald  "Im Sorry"
Tom MacDonald "Im Sorry"Visualizações 6 miAnos atrás
5:58Tom MacDonald - "Buttholes"
Tom MacDonald - "Buttholes"Visualizações 3,7 miAnos atrás
3:42"If I Was Black" - Tom MacDonald
"If I Was Black" - Tom MacDonaldVisualizações 5 miAnos atrás
MY NEW MUSIC & VIDEOS ARE BEING HELD HOSTAGE!Visualizações 663 milAnos atrás
3:09Tom MacDonald - "Lethal Injection" (MAC LETHAL DISS)
3:43Tom MacDonald - "Straight White Male"
Tom MacDonald - "Straight White Male"Visualizações 8 miAnos atrás
2:59Tom MacDonald - "Sad Rappers"
Tom MacDonald - "Sad Rappers"Visualizações 6 miAnos atrás
3:42Tom MacDonald - "I Wish" (#IWishChallenge)
Tom MacDonald - "I Wish" (#IWishChallenge)Visualizações 331 milAnos atrás
3:35Tom MacDonald - "I Wish"
Tom MacDonald - "I Wish"Visualizações 6 miAnos atrás
3:59Tom MacDonald - "Everybody Hates Me"
Tom MacDonald - "Everybody Hates Me"Visualizações 18 mi2 anos atrás
3:24Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit" (LIVE)
Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit" (LIVE)Visualizações 188 mil2 anos atrás
0:39Tom MacDonald - "DEATHREATS" ALBUM (OUT NOW!!!)
Tom MacDonald - "DEATHREATS" ALBUM (OUT NOW!!!)Visualizações 143 mil2 anos atrás
4:03Tom MacDonald - "Politically Incorrect"
Tom MacDonald - "Politically Incorrect"Visualizações 13 mi2 anos atrás
3:36Tom MacDonald - "The Way I Am" (EMINEM REMIX)
Tom MacDonald - "The Way I Am" (EMINEM REMIX)Visualizações 2,9 mi2 anos atrás
3:08Tom MacDonald - "Hang On" (Prod. by MISERY)
Tom MacDonald - "Hang On" (Prod. by MISERY)Visualizações 3,3 mi2 anos atrás
3:42Tom MacDonald - 'Exposure"
Tom MacDonald - 'Exposure"Visualizações 6 mi2 anos atrás
3:27Tom MacDonald - "This House" (WHITEBOY RESPONSE)
Tom MacDonald - "This House" (WHITEBOY RESPONSE)Visualizações 6 mi2 anos atrás
2:02Tom MacDonald - "Anarchy" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "Anarchy" SPOKEN WORDVisualizações 586 mil2 anos atrás
1:40Tom MacDonald - "Anxiety" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "Anxiety" SPOKEN WORDVisualizações 637 mil2 anos atrás
2:15Tom MacDonald - "Not Alone" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "Not Alone" SPOKEN WORDVisualizações 398 mil2 anos atrás
1:07Tom MacDonald - "War Is Coming" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "War Is Coming" SPOKEN WORDVisualizações 172 mil2 anos atrás
2:56Tom MacDonald - "American Dreamz"
Tom MacDonald - "American Dreamz"Visualizações 2,3 mi2 anos atrás
Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY" BEFORE THE SHOOTVisualizações 215 mil2 anos atrás
4:32Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY"
Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY"Visualizações 14 mi2 anos atrás
3:24Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit"
Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit"Visualizações 6 mi2 anos atrás
4:10Tom MacDonald - "Castles"
Tom MacDonald - "Castles"Visualizações 5 mi2 anos atrás
3:03Tom MacDonald - "Dear Rappers"
Tom MacDonald - "Dear Rappers"Visualizações 6 mi3 anos atrás
3:34Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"
Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"Visualizações 1,7 mi3 anos atrás
3:51Tom MacDonald - "How The West Was Won" (ACT II)
Tom MacDonald - "How The West Was Won" (ACT II)Visualizações 261 mil4 anos atrás
5:51Tom MacDonald - "Rolling Stone" (ACT I)
Tom MacDonald - "Rolling Stone" (ACT I)Visualizações 478 mil4 anos atrás
5:13Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"
Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"Visualizações 2,2 mi4 anos atrás
3:28Tom MacDonald - "Number 7"
Tom MacDonald - "Number 7"Visualizações 498 mil4 anos atrás
7:05Tom MacDonald - "If I Change"
Tom MacDonald - "If I Change"Visualizações 2,1 mi4 anos atrás
13:31Tom MacDonald - "Hour Glass" / "Who I Am" / "Bout It"
3:53Tom MacDonald - "Fight Your Fears"
Tom MacDonald - "Fight Your Fears"Visualizações 14 mi5 anos atrás
5:16Tom MacDonald - "House In The Hills" (Official Video)
Tom MacDonald - "House In The Hills" (Official Video)Visualizações 573 mil6 anos atrás
4:10Tom MacDonald - "Wannabe" (Official Video)
Tom MacDonald - "Wannabe" (Official Video)Visualizações 3,1 mi6 anos atrás


  • PIE

  • Sadly this is true

  • He really takes rap seriously

  • when the bars are closed Heaven is always open

  • so good

  • New to HOG, love the music Tom & Nova. This one hit close to home. Our 3rd oldest daughter was born with a solid mass tumor in the small of her back, removed at 3 months old came back at 6 months old. She went through 3 rounds of chemo. She is 7, cancer free and considered a survivor, but dealing with side effects of chemo, daily migraines, and other long term issues. There are no chemo drugs that are specific to kids, and only 4 to 5% of government funded research goes to pediatric cancer, thats not a specific type, but all childhood cancers. September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

  • amazing

  • Dam! Never really thought about it but I can relate to this... sitting in a dark room no light just cell phone and earphones half gallon of 80proof and some Klonopins and i found this..just flicked on the light and grabed my hat am getin out this room and gonna find something productive to do... thanks tom... this song just got my attention...

  • Who else wants to be Tom Macdonald this Halloween?? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • "Flippin' burgers, go get me some fries. Cola, with ice. 1 apple pie on the side. David, I'm trying to be nice" Holy absolutely FUCK, Tom.

  • Oh look fred durst is mad because Tom Macdonald made music and videos to expose him. 😂😂😂 can censor people and real artists when you’re DEAD Fred hahahahahahaha

    • Because fred knows it ain’t 2020 and Tom is dead that’s why he changed his name again to Cody holder hahahahahahahha what a loser

  • I sent this to one of my moms and it made her cry

  • im getting sober finally and I play this song on repeat

  • This song hits hard because my grandma has cancer.

  • I was thinking he sold himself out until his eyes went black and he starting spitting truth, cant stop listening to your raps tom keep them coming

  • Str8 truth here keep it goin bro

  • Love

  • Amazing song man. Brings tears to my eyes everytime. Such a powerful message for anyone dealing with any hardship. You are a world treasure my friends. Makes me proud to be a part of HOG.