Publicado em 15 Out 2020
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  • I can see millitary and fbi agents coming to your house

  • 3:41 How to cook with light sabers

  • I love that they used the revan theme

  • That was pretty awesome. Great job guys!

  • So it's a super cool condensed flame thrower

  • Cool af! I wonder if hydrogen by elecrolysis and a small water tank could replace the propane? You could store more in a smaller volume, right?

  • Darth Revan's theme in the Background nice actually kinda has some thing his saber had

  • And now we wait for a blaster for the lightsaber to deflect blasts from

  • What about a tree?

  • I can imagine them using this tech to build blasters

  • This is a dream come true...and you guys made it come true!

  • I'd like to know what ungodly material that cylinder that held the sand to be turned to glass was made of, because that's the one that looked like endured the longest

  • Hacksmith sir is the beast man and inventor

  • can you rectorate the hole entire ship from among us i think it would be really cool

  • May the hacksmith be with you


  • aint a lightsabre. it's just a well calibrated and concentrated flamethrower like you see on plasma cutters.

  • +9000 Rads

  • You should make a working buzzaxe from borderlands (preferably kriegs)

  • You should team up with the SloMo Guys on this one!

  • Can you put lightsaber burning power in iron man gloves. after that It becomes Destroyer imagine🤞🤞🤞✌️

  • So we learned that it must be more like 40000 degrees to cut at the speeds of the movies.

  • it's him it's him ,tony we found u

  • No one: The hacksmith: on this episode of make it real were going to make mewtwo from pokemon

  • Amazing video, but one question, how is this not sponsored by Disney?

  • My electric plasma cutter can do better

  • This makes me so happy because all inventions always had a beginning. People always thought real lightsabers could only happen in a thousand years, yet we have the start of the first one today. No one thought a lightbulb could exist, yet now we have RGB lamps and other amazing precise lighting. This... is only getting started...

  • aight man, imma use my lightsaber for BBQ

  • But will it blend?

  • Allright allright allright! Now it left only 9999 attempts more...

  • Man, I love all of y’all’s stuff, and it just keeps getting better and better

  • How about 8000 degree lightsaber with a longer blade?

  • Oh nice usage of the Occupation of Balmorra theme.

  • Reallife maverick from r6

  • Yall really outdid yourself. Goddamn this is cool

  • Right saber you say hum hum Yoda says where do I buy hum hum Do I go through kadee GR do I go through Canadian products hum I like to purchase these things in how can I buy the particular light saber that you made

  • Hey Hacksmith... Have you ever considered high frequency vibration applied to the blade? Like Raiden's blade in Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengence? Can high frequency vibrations create magnetic fields?

  • If he wants he can bring down all the country to his feet

  • I was just happy to see something this close to a real one in my lifetime.

  • Sdsddd

  • Yes it works but it doesn't have the hum like the light saber

  • Can you make an zapatron from fortnite pls it would be great

  • A plasma cutter on steroids

  • Maverick mains liked this video

  • Nothing in this world taste better than a Canadian Apple

  • Everly makes me proud to be Canadian when things are made here and we are the 1st to make the light saber real actual lightsaber and this makes me really proud to see this company do something like that Canadians all the way we are proud we can make anything possible and better than United States of America that's why a lot of people come from different parts of the world to come here to get higher learning Even people from United States are coming up here to go to school just to get that higher learning this States doesn't have it and I'm proud and honorably proud to be Canadian thank God we can do things and make it possible I'm proud of all my Canadian friends

  • But till you are using this... the opponent will not remain constant he will just kick you and move on😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • its not yet as defined as a actual light saber, But hey its a start! g luk guys.

  • Uhmm walking time bomb.... really

  • oh GOD it went through that poor bastard😂

  • they told me i could weld anything so i did the exact opposite of that

  • Cant wait for the next light saber

  • I didn't know Canada has Thanksgiving.

  • Fail

  • I wish the blade were just a bit longer but otherwise you nailed it

  • Holy shit I just realized that boba fetts theme is the theme in the mandalorian

  • This is also a flamethrower

  • Right now you guys are officially jedi!!!

  • 6:54 You should try plexiglass:)

  • Это не джедай со световым мечем, а газосварщик

  • Hey hack smith if you see this make a working Harry Potter wand with the spell avada ke davra

  • All things considered, this is a perfect breaching tool

  • Um? I think your light saber is way cooler than mine

  • I like it to

  • Are there any practical applications of this?

  • A different kind of welding machine by hacksmith. Kidding, great job man,

  • We should leave things like this for our government to figure it out. : )

  • The type of engineer you are vs the type of engineer you dreamt of being...

  • Why not use oxy acetylene

  • What about using acetylene? Wouldn’t it burn even hotter than propane?

  • maybe you should try oxyacetylene or oxyhydrogen mix for the saber it bunrs 5000-6000 °F

  • So...this is where it begins.

  • Best one yet! I don't think it's possible to do better! WOW!

  • the only thing we like more to see him making things... BREAKING THINGS

  • ElectroBoom needs to make an electric version.

  • Esa madre no es un sable de luz es un sopletote demasiado potente

  • Just think in a couple years because of the hacksmith Star Wars might be real

  • That was amazing to watch ty!!

  • But not too bad for a mandalorian

  • Make it 2000 more degrees hotter

  • Isn’t so plasma


  • What Jedi Master Jesus Christ Got

  • Salty hmmm

  • It’s Crystals

  • Did someone already won the giveaway for the iron man helmet?

  • Now to find a way to make it more concentrated.

  • They're definitely gonna cut in half a person.

  • Now... can we combine pleasures? Solid lightsaber + Plasma saber? Because the reason a lightsaber is powerful is that even if it doesn't melt instantly you can put force into it. So i have no idea which one was closer

  • Not only is your engineering cutting-edge, but your videos are excellent, as well!

  • CaN hE bEaT gOkU tHo???

  • theres only a couple lightsabers left to make, the big one, Darth mauls of course... and i don't just mean his double-bladed saber, you guys should make the dark saber too...

  • You guys should do steel body armor and bulletproof glass

  • Mavrik from r6 should get this

  • Not Bad (x3)

  • Genial! Ya es un primer paso, ahora solo falta quitar esa mochila! xD

  • lets admit. if the Purge was real and this was mass produced, a group sith would go crazy...

  • i mean i think you're a little short on heat

  • If the hacksmith became a thief he would have a world record because of his lightsaber

  • its all about the power source