Animation vs. Minecraft (original)

Publicado em 14 Dez 2015
Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.
The Animator vs. Animation series continues, this time without the animator.
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Music by Sarah Eide
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  • Well what do you know, I actually ended up making it. You're welcome.

  • If you make subtitles on you can understand what stick Man saying

  • :) good times

  • 야....나이거 자막있는거 처음 알았어....

  • Can you please teach me How to animate like this crazy!!!!!

  • Why did they not make shields

    • Shield doesn't exist when this came out


  • Ok what comp

  • Hey Alan i like you’re videos

  • Yo put cc on they can talk

  • Okay that's a the I wish it was that easy to get diamond armor

  • i saw herobrine iside of red

  • Plot Twist: *This Video Older Than Fortnite Kid*

  • Stop asking "who watch on 2021" We never stop watching. *Legends Never Dies*

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  • Thank you for uploading all these years I think this will be your year, please never stop uploading

  • The nostalgia :'D

  • Minecraft bedrock

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  • BRfund and quora are best friends

  • When minecraft was created

  • my childhood

  • This video along with animator vs animation (original) are the reason your chanel became so good, love your animation, and well done on going against the algorithem (but i can't spell) you probabbly wont read this but if you do you are really good and keep doing what ur doing!

  • This is amazing


  • Столько времени... Прошло не заметно...

  • This wasn't good cause in the end they fought with diff weapons orange stickman had iron and sticks he could have made a iron sword :P

    • The iron sword won't be useful tho

  • *fighting part starts* me "mhm get it i guess"

  • OLD DAYS 😭😭🤧🤧

  • Not fun fact:its not 1.16.5 and no netherite

  • Ik

  • Hello

  • Nice 👍

  • Where is Mr collins

  • @Alan Becker should become Gary Thomas Collins

  • Can I listen to Sapien Medicine

  • Ho

  • So much hardwork the audio animation keep it up bro :)

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  • This series is the very reason why I started playing minecraft.

  • I love this

    • We love this too, Do you visit Bomb It 8, Adobe flash player is gone and doesn't exist anymore, How do you get adobe flash player back, So then play Bomb It 9 again

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  • 0:13 Who knows Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen?

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  • 2:19 And they were unamazed at first on Blue growing trees with bone meal... 14:09 *obsidian-wrecker lumber upper cut*

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  • netherite

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  • Is it just me or is the ending MORE EPIC THEN EVERYTHING ELSE

  • Anyone watching this on 2021?

  • 6:02

  • 여ㆍ

  • Blue Has A Nice Outfit btw with the dimoand armor

  • 07:33 fire in the hole

  • can you write the transcript for me on each episode and season and this?

  • alans top youruber

  • Red sus

  • Whwo

  • Minecraft but in a somewhat cooler way

  • 11:140 i cried on this part cuz of memories of me

  • Thats so cool on the internet!

  • me encantan tus animationes y soy tu faaan

  • red going to kil Her

  • Red is so strong!!😃 my fav Characters are blue and red!!


  • This one was my favorite

  • Good Video Bro You Are One Diamond

  • loving the captions

  • good old day...

  • Who has made the german subtitle? - Wer machte den deutschen Untertitel?

  • Red can use the odsden to make an neder Puerto

  • 14:25 subtítulos en español The segond coming(naranja): gracias green luego te pago una muñeca de undertale Yo: :0000

  • Dramatic fight