Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

Publicado em 3 Mai 2021
These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • Why’d you change the thumbnail? It was fine the way it was!!!

  • So anyone else notice the edited colors on blake in the thumbnail

  • I truly feel like they just saw two chicks who swing and were like yes that’s balanced

  • Could you do Meliodas vs Jedah Dohma

  • Hahaha Incredible reference nice 4:00

  • Can we get rimuru in death battle

  • Hmmm... Rooster Teeth picking a Rooster Teeth character to win... yup, that's not sus at all.

  • A macht is not a macht, they are not even close, a real unfair battle

  • Kinda expected Mikasa to die, especially when she's basically just a Super Soldier, and Blake is practically beyond a Super Soldier.

  • Quit making battles with characters you own.

  • Omniman vs Homelander please

  • Is this the first time they've ever changed the thumbnail?

  • They just changed the thumbnail.

    • Yeah i just realized it aswell,dunno why they did that but im ok with it lol

  • So every RWBY character that has fought in DeathBattle so far have won, specifically three of them (Yang, Weiss, and now Blake). Is there a pattern here?

  • Sweet Fight, I thought Mikasa would win but guess you can't guess them all. How about General Grievous Vs. Adam Taurus in the future?

  • BraveStarr vs Judge Dredd at some point please

  • Next death battle: Asura (Asura's Wrath) vs Broly (Dragon Ball)

  • One massive plot hole for RWBY, where are all the OTHER Hunters and Huntresses that was trained by the academy over the years.

    • Well RWBY, JNPR, CRDL (just disappeared). CFVY have their book series. I think all other teams were from other academies.

  • You should make the next one black widow vs. John wick

  • Goku black vs Reverse flash

  • Annie should be fighting blake

  • Hey Wiz and Boomstick, can you please do a Death Battle with either Domon Kashu and his Burning Gundam or Simon and Kamina with their Mecha called Gurren Lagann please?

  • bruh i dont even know why this was an episode. It so easy to beat someone from attack on titan.

  • This was a bad match up just saying

  • Po vs Iron Fist is going to be stupid, but well appreciated. A nice break from all these battles that feel like they're grassping at straws.

  • Can you guys make a new death battle with marx vs omega flowey then magolor vs sans then ridley vs lord dominator from death battle fandom wiki please and I want marx to win and magolor and ridley please

  • Po will win

  • another miss

  • Garra vs ken kaneki?

  • That wass a good 1 guys good job

  • 2:19 the nevermore doesn’t even fully hit them lol, saying it did is like saying everytime they’ve narrowly dodged something or had something breaking under them counts as hit

    • Alright but the scaling should technically hold since they have been able to harm them. Rather easily with V2 Coco's case or Ruby.

  • And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)

  • Gandalf v dumbledore

  • This was a terrible death battle. Of course Mikasa was gonna lose. I've heard people say death battle characters should be similar, but I personally thinks it's better when it's not so obvious.

  • I really don’t like ruby, or the characters...

  • Ok, so mikasa is just a less superhuman version of the animal girl. She loses outright. That being said, I have a handful of issues with death battle’s weird fight and excuses; 1, why did mikasa change her blade twice when she didn’t even hit anything with them and why did she change them like every few seconds anyway? They aren’t just super hard steel, the edge of the blade itself uses the special material only found in eldia, and it is spelled out by everything except a direct statement that the material is titan related. Furthermore, titan skin in stronger than steel canonically, which is why they have to use the special giant razor blades with perfect edge alignment in order to cut through them. If these blades are that sharp, and can make 10/20/30/40 cuts at a time and still kill a titan as levi has done multiple times, there is no way fighting the way she did would dull or break a single pair of her blades. 2, Additionally, what do you mean ackermans didn’t have a lot of experience fighting humans? Levi and kenny both murdered people and fought people with both blades and bare hands, and kenny went as far as to even make his entire career killing humans. Furthermore, the ackermans themselves were persecuted and attacks by eldians constantly after king fritz neutralized his country. There are canonical centuries of ackermans fighting, killing, and dying with eldians. So if her experience was at ALL a factor, she would be fine, especially considering that little girl mikasa could beat up multiple larger boys. It is just biology that men tend to be stronger, and when we are children and don’t use athleticism to close the strength gap, the strength and weight difference alone is phenomenal. And yet she is capable of overpowering them, and is skilled enough to take on 3+ at once, as she had been known to do so. Not to mention mikasa and annie had a fight, and Anni was a hand to hand combat prodigy, literally called the marleans secret weapon. She displayed hand to hand combat skill greater than any non-ackerman, and mikasa just being on the same level alone means she is 100% capable of fighting humans way easier than she can fight titans. 3, what the hell was that intro? Here is how that would have went: -leave -no -civilians have to leave -i’m not a civilian im a hunter/soldier -oh cool, want to kill some titans? They are heading this way and will try to eat everyone. -hmph why not

  • You let Blake win this one but let Weiss get completely dominated? So bias.

    • @Ashuto Exactly my point, they gave her a bad match up to begin with. Blake vs Mikasa is more even since none of them are that powerful. Weiss' battle is more like deadpool vs Mask or Goku vs Superman. Weiss is just a normal girl with some gimmicks. She had no chance.

    • Wdym by bias? Both results are correct, they actually lowballed Mitsuru really hard there's no way Weiss can even hit her realistically.

  • whats with the new image

  • Blake was acting surprisingly chipper when a titan showed up given she lost an arm

  • bro cap

    • What are you saying it's cap?

  • really thought mikasa would won but good job to blake

  • long time fan writing: great graphics, but was it my computer, or was the Frame Rate low on this battle? love what you do :)

  • Never thought boomstick would make me cry but here i am

  • Ai vey, what a way to die

  • They’ve changed the thumbnail again…. Huh, like Winter Soldier vs Red Hood

  • You did Mikasa wrong guys!!

    • @Pedro Andrés Hidalgo Román actually if you look at the numbers this was the second closest fight of this season, don't know why everyone is saying that it's a stomp lol

    • @Ashuto oh that is what I meant, to me they did her wrong because the power diff was too high!

    • Nah, they actually lowballed Blake, the four ton feat was way back in chapter one so she should be way stronger nowadays and considering her being 40x faster, having an aura shielding her and having a wider arsenal. It's pretty clear Blake takes Mikasa out pretty easily

  • Blake dosent live in the 800’s 🙄

  • Blake: LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Me: woman you charged into her

  • Mikasa wouldn’t attack a civilian even if Blake isn’t a civilian. Mikasa isn’t a dumb person. Or a person who gets into fights for no reason

  • Yes Blake likes yang,reading,tuna and yang

  • You should do Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn (RWBY vs Soul Eater)

    • @Ashuto I was late to that info i learn it few seconds ago

    • They pretty much confirmed this battle is going to happen at some point, they're pretty much just waiting for RWBY to end so they can use her at her full power

  • Kakashi vs Goyo

  • Wow the character with super powers won who would have guessed it everytime it's a RWBY character I feel like they try to put them up against someone they know will lose not always but enough where I'm seeing a trend I mean what do they even have in common this fight

    • Bruh, RWBY appeared in just 3 episodes that's hardly enough to call it a pattern. Plus Mitsuru stomps Weiss really hard and Yang VS Tifa is just straight up wrong

    • Dual blade wielding swinging fighters Sullen personalities Come from a discriminated island race At some point In love with an ambitious extremist willing to murder an entire race to get their way.

  • Ayoooo wouldn't an Asuma Sarutobi and Isaac Netero be lit?🔥

  • I don't have to watch the video to know who won and it's definitely Blake Edit: F****** called it

  • Blake: OP Huntress vs Mikasa the strong servant. Done deal

  • right who wants to tell me if i can watch this spoiler free? because ive never read AOT manga and im on ep 69 right now so im practically caught up but better to be safe than sorry

    • You need to be up to the current anime episode before watching this without spoilers and there is a feat onscreen that spoils the manga. So I suggest wait.

  • Boring. Blake obviously destroys her. Should've done Ruby vs Maka. Also when are you gonna do Noel vs Aigis, Gandalf vs Dumbledore and Galactus vs Unicron?

  • seras victoria versus yuki kuran

  • I'm getting sick and tired of Death Battle claiming people can move faster than light just because they dodged a lightning based attack. It means that it either missed, or they anticipated where it would strike and moved before it was cast. Every episode the battle contestants are labeled as moving FTL and it's really old.

    • They never have assumed Lightning is light speed. It is either 200,000 mph or 1/3 light speed. Also when it comes to lasers they also go by if it shows natural properties (moves in straight lines, burns on contact, bounces off reflective surfaces). Danny vs Jake is an example. Can you actually cite when lightnin was treated else.

    • @Ashuto Because Death Battle assumes that every lightning or lazer based attack travels at light speed. And if a character can dodge that attack, then it must mean that they are faster than light. Pretty silly reasoning I know, but they do it every episode.

    • @Ryder Draconis i never said it was Lightspeed, lightning moves at Massively Hypersonic speeds i really don't know where you're getting FTL from

    • @Ashuto And if we can see them move out of the way when it's not in slow motion, then it wasn't moving light speed.

    • Im sorry w h a t they never said that lightning dodging is FTL, plus it's really clear they're evading the attack after it been launched even it misses it doesn't matter if they still react to it in time

  • Who would win a death battle Tatsumi from akame ga kill or Issei from Highschool DxD

    • Issei wins, he's Stronger a wayy faster than anything Tatsumi has done before

  • Baki vs Kenshiro !!!!

  • Eren Jaeger vs Guts

  • More fun than watching actual rwby

  • Yami vs gojo

  • Yes!!!!!! This is going to be literally EVERYONES FAVORITE BATTLE

  • Omni-man vs. Homelander

    • @ricardo ramirez The thing is many of Omni man’s “friends” are way stronger than homelander could ever hope to be, homelander at best is city level if you take the whole no man made weapon can harm him statement at face value which would include the Tsar bomb which has a payload of 50 Megatons, Omni man on the other hand is a planet buster.

    • @ricardo ramirez Yeah, but he still beaten them up badly on his own. He killed the Guardians easily, which were just Justice League copies. Like I said, he destroyed a planet owned by an advance alien race by just keep launching onto the surface. Homelander have never done anything like those other than just keep spamming laser attacks on ordinary people like a lazy dumbass he is. He can't even carry an airplane with his hands.

    • @Travis Victir90 I'm not so sure about that, Omni-man was getting bruised and broken by his super friends, nothing like that happened to Homelander

    • Omni-man one shots him. A dude who destroys a civilised planet vs a guy who's lazy enough to shoot laser beams.

  • Spoilers: Misaka: I lost? Blake: Yep. Misaka: Well what happens to the loser? Blake: Oh, Butch Hartman plagiarizes the losers fanart. Misaka: Oh no. Butch: Get ready. Misaka: Butch, please don't turn me into copied art-- NOOOOO!!!!!!! Also, that death was brutal. Seeing the explosion come out of her eyes and mouth was terrifying. Also, I am excited for Po Vs Iron Fist. Hopefully they do Hiro and Baymax Vs Hiccup and Toothless.

  • Let’s see ruby rose vs maka albarn from soul eater two scythe users

  • Dont care mikasa is a bad ass. Should of won

    • Being badass doesn't save you from being weaker and at least 40x slower lol

  • Next Death Battle prediction: *Skadoosh*

  • Crazy how another RWBY character gets a easy win. Wonder why that was?

    • I really love how people say that Death Battle is still biased for RWBY even though they put Weiss against an at least universal level character lol

    • This time said win was 100% earned legitimately.

    • Because Blake actually deserved the win. Weiss also lost to Mitsuru.

  • In my book, Mikasa wins 😩

  • The ost in the back included some of boku no sensou. Nice

  • Entirely predictable. RWBY doesn't really obey any solid rules other than the rule of cool. AoT has very specific limitations as grounded in reality as possible. There was no way Mikasa was going to take out any character from RWBYverse on the grounds that they all engage in superhuman feats that dwarf AoT highest tier feats when dealing with trash mobs. It's like putting Quicksilver up against Flash in a race. Speedforce puts Flash capable of feats well beyond anything quicksilver could ever dream of.

  • I'm sure Eren is going to be pissed after he learns that Mikasa died.

  • So are they gonna have Jimmy Olsen fight Superman since they are both reporters?

    • @Dracnoral1987 which lightning? There's like a thousand characters with that name

    • @Ashuto I think a closer pairing could have been Blake v. Lightning

    • Are you saying this battle has poor connections because just swinging around is definitely not the only connection between them?

  • So this is where Blake ended up after she fell in Volume 8.

  • As an animation buff, the animation in this video is dope! Great job!

  • Baby girl Blake

  • omni man vs superman ???

  • Blake: Her speed is a factor for her winning. Also Blake: gets tagged so frequently when using her Shadow Dance.

  • Blake: *Inspired by Beauty and the Beast* Me: Really? I thought she was inspired by Felicia the catgirl.

  • Welp, now Blake and Yang have something in common

  • So a super powered hero could beat a peak human. Wow. Y’all needed a video to confirm that?

  • I've seen my computer chug less than that animation

  • Clearly not a fair fight lmaoo it’s like don’t bring a knife to a gun fight thats also 20+ things and the fighter has superpowers

  • Pretty sure Mikasa used more blades than she had... not that it helped, and not gonna rewatch just to count

  • I come back to this video two days later and the dislike ratio just shocked me.

  • How do we still not have Kazuma Kiryu vs someone yet?

    • Because he's not as frequently asked by the community and there's only so many 3D fights they can do in a season? (Because let's be honest the episode would have to be in 3D)

  • Isnt it funny how death battle is run by rooster teeth and so is rwby 😂 so obviously they would make their characters win or just make the match unfair by making a strong human go up against a lighting dodging magical cat human :D

    • Dear god i often forget how stupid death battle fans can be

    • Weiss is also a RWBY character and she lost to mitsuru. also it really wasn't unfair.

  • Death battle idea: Jar jar binks vs Domino x-men Luckiest or dumb luck

  • Since the thunder spear sent out over 3 times the durability of home girl armor, you would think it damages her a bit more.

    • It did break her aura and anyway what they showed for Blake was not even her best so she could probably take that like a champ

  • Sgt.Martin Riggs vs LT. John McClain!

  • Ironic that the merch says FIGHT! But it's been a long while since they've said that. Even when some of the battles have a perfect chance

  • hello guys I'm a big fan of your wonderfull deathbattles, and I have a pretty cool sugestion for you for next death batlle: rick from splatterhouse vs jason voorhees

  • The next 3D death battle should have Kratos against either Dante from DMC or Asura from Asura’s Wrath.

    • I’d be so down for Kratos VS Asura ngl But the season is already planned out, so either they’ve already decided on that months ago, or it won’t happen this year at all.

  • Looks like Blake send Mikasa to.... Su kasa. *another Wiss clone dies*

  • Totally unfair, Mikasa is an enhanced human, but still just a human, not special powers or resistance to great damage, Blake can resist explotions and stuff, it was obvious since the begining...

  • Can you do a battle between werewolf and vampire With every mythological/ original pop culture sources