Character Demo - "Hu Tao: Let the Living Beware" | Genshin Impact

Publicado em 28 Fev 2021
When the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is performing important rites, we appreciate it if people keep a
respectful distance away from the proceedings.
...But if you insist on gatecrashing a funeral... Well, I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere...
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  • Waiting For Her Rerun... Unlucky me

  • Day 5 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

  • all i gotta say is qiqi.

  • hu tao T__T

  • no cute sound nah JP CV better

  • Same like one piece charackter, she has a ghost fruit, i forgot the name


  • I have her, she was so much fun to play with 💕

  • I will make the prediction she will come back for the Halloween banner. I will roll for her if she is there then

  • Plzzz I keep rewatching it, I’m waiting for her rerun because last time I didn’t have enough primogems :(

  • pls banner xiao

  • come here to get sad again about pulling a jean on hu tao :')

  • Day 11 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back


    • Ayy Hu Tao is one of the best pyro characters right now plus she cute as heck

  • Day 4 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

  • This is supposed to be scary right?...😳

  • Los dos tipos esos, son los que se quedaron atrapados dentro del Ambar, recuerdan.

  • 0:30 ᵃ̢̗͎̜͛͌̓̅͠ͅᵃ̢̛̛͎͕̥̗̥͓̣̥̜̺̗͍̿̉͌͂̆̽̊̎͂͘̚͟͝ᵃ̢͖̦͔̣̫̣̝̜̗͇͍͙̀͑̋̃͛͌̔̉̔̐̓͆̈́͜͡ͅᵍʰ̧̛̟̣̹̭̊̒͊͝

  • Ху Тао такая классная

  • I call her female hanako-


  • She reminds me of toilet bound hanoko kun

  • Day 10 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

  • that song hits different

  • Day 3 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

  • Yo lemme just say, this song went in.

  • Ayah

  • Why am I still here...?

  • See you on the other side~

  • I luv this music!

  • Day 9 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

  • Lmao Hu Tao be saying "aiya" like a Singaporean

  • Day 2 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

  • It's funny to see that Fatass Fatui Hydro Run

    • that hydro fatui deserved it

  • Me watching this the 1983917473th time

  • Albedo and Hutao soundtrack in their character demo gotta be the best

  • Imagine if this is hanako sister

  • Mi hoyo could do a flash sale on Hu tao..Put her banner for 2 or 5 days,it would be super cool,but I dont think they would do it,lol. And we need a Halloween event >:((((

  • Day 8 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    • @Va then just let them be 🤦🤦🤦 this is obviously a troll

    • @inkyy 'written as a joke' then you realize this person spams everyday the comment section

    • @Va im pretty sure og comment was written as a joke 🐴🐴

    • if you can't handle the truth and be patient then get a job, earn some money and get the character you want, what do you expect from a gacha game? to be fair? yall act like you don't know they only care about the income, first time encountering a gacha game, huh? nothing is fair in gacha games, you want a character? or even LIMITED time character? then you need to put your own money in it. You don't have money? Well then either save up for months to get a guaranteed chance or you drown in tears and you stick up to some other characters.

    • And no one wants a re-run of a character that just came out. Not even Mihoyo. Learn to be patient and don't spam the comment section 'cause they won't even see this nor listen to a larger crowd as i said before. In this type of situation they have an excuse to say a certain character is limited and it will either come back in some time or it won't. I don't want to be harsh, but I feel like not many people realize this because Genshin happens to be the first gacha game to encounter to many people out here and also Mihoyo is known for one of the WORST gacha rates. Their games are the type where you have to actually spend money or drown in your own tears. Maybe she will come back for Halloween? Who knows, she will hit 6 months after the release, maybe she will come back so wait and take a example of people who waited for Venti or Tartaglia?

  • Zombie you ‏ scared~?

  • Hehe~

  • who tao

  • hu tao.

  • Staff of homa on the standard banner pls TT_TT

    • that ain't a good idea but I still like it for some reason

  • small thighs take lives...

  • :awesome:

  • the spooky fire onahole

  • I can’t find songs like this unless it’s related to video games.

  • Day 1 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

    • Let's go comrade


  • hu tao's background music is bomb

  • 1:32😍 .


  • Day 7 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

  • even the ghost got scared

  • yes 0:36

  • Cries because Hu Tao didn't come home

    • you'll surely get her on the banner's reroll, I promise!

  • The theme is so Yo Kai Watch🤩!

  • It's the spooky Month!!!

  • More like let the rich beware. Because she'll make your bank account go dry

  • anyone know what that hand sign she does at 1:17 means?

  • Don't be shy, bring her banner back

  • Ngl english VA of HuTao is not bad at all in anyways, And that Aiya is perfect.👌

  • judul backsoundnya apa?

  • im simping for Hu Tao

  • 0:31

  • No entendí ninguna m13rda

  • I am a firm believer that the ghost thats always around her isnt just some random ghost that follows her around-

  • I swear every time I hear her in-game with the english dub, I can't help but think of Sakura from Fire Emblem: Fates since they share the same English VA.

  • Day 6 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    • bro its been only like 2 weeks since the banner was here. they probably won't rerun it until halloween.

    • It literally wasn’t that long ago

  • The music reminds me of Plants vs. Zombies 💀✋🏻

  • hu tao is the only character who says ‘aiya’

  • I need an answer, Is Hu Tao asking if QiQi is scared or is she saying, this is a zombie, are you scared. please It's been bothering me for weeks.

    • She’s asking if Qiqi is scared haha


  • Me:Im DyInG Of CuTeNeSS and AdOrbLe fAce Of QiQi aNd Hu TaO;3

  • Lmfao, is no1 gonna talk abt the fact that the ghost was just chilling and then got scared by the scared screams of the man lol

  • love the character but like who else was just listening to the music sometimes?

  • Day 5 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

  • 1:26 she just let go of her sentient nuke wtf..

  • Did I hear my name?.

  • Can we have this music on spotify please

  • 🌸🌸🌸

  • Wait, did QiQi send those Fatui's?


  • Day 4 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

  • I like it and all BUT WHY HALLOWEEN MUSIC AT February

  • guacala inglés xd

  • Genshin I haven't had any 5 star why... And I still want hutao 😩 I always come back here just to hear her bgm cz it's so fun and fits her well mischievous savage but badass char

    • How many times a have you summoned?

  • Is this how Gundham thinks he looks like

  • Genshin cannon: Hu tao killed two people(maybe more) for no reason and burned the evidence. Pyro archon: I give vision. Me: i simp. Whales: i wish.

  • i belive in hu tao supremacy

  • everyday I watch this video just to remind myself that I don't have Hu Tao :(

    • For me, to remind how lucky iam for making her home ;)

  • Wangsheng really gives its members banging tunes

  • I just love her fighting style it’s so goooood

  • Wait this music without vocal please mihoyo 😁

  • Day 3 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

  • if this music doesnt play in the game with some part of her, im not buying


    • she'll come back one day

  • im calling the music *Hu Tao the trap remix*

  • Day 2 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back