Publicado em 3 Mai 2021
iskall discovers who HermitCrafts biggest noob is, and it's not a pleasant find, but iskallman to the rescue as the biggest noob of hermitcraft.
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  • hope stuff gonna be happening soon. every episode have been mostly nothing. just flying around and gather some stuff and then end :/

  • He got good lol

  • I was, maybe being completely lenient with you to be frank iskall... Then I saw your "Richities" box had Bread in it... I thought I was a mastermind, but you have me contemplating life now...

  • *Mojang:* Redstone *Iskall:* Redston *Thoughts:* Redstonks?

  • Wish iskall was on 3rd life

  • For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them. The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. (Psalms 145:17-20)

  • „I‘m so unorganized“ Scar: *laughs in chestmonster*

  • it pains me that he held his sword not his pickaxe while villager trading

  • Get good 2.0

  • Omg! No need to hold your sword like dat when Trading

  • oh, hi.. What a surprise to see you upload after SOOO much time. whish you were part of 3rd life

  • he's back

  • Someone call 911 iskall have corona

  • 'Boom. We've placed an oak block.' -> PROGRESS

  • Finally, another Hermitcraft video... Please upload more of these Iskall!

  • wish they’d livestream and help u finish this bad boy, at least in the collection of the leaves aspects, this would be prolly my 2nd favorite build if it was finished or at least had a semblance of it

  • you are the biggest noob but for different reasons

  • The year is 2026. Hermitcraft, more popular than ever, is starting its 10th season. Meanwhile, Iskall has finally released episode 99 of season 7. Overwhelmed by the prospect of carrying out the colossal amount of work still needed to complete the Omega Tree, he procrastinates by putting the finishing touches on Pacific, ready for its grand opening. It’s not all bad news though, Iskall has SMASHED the 10,000 diamond challenge by absorbing the wealth of the other hermits, who vacated the season 7 world several years earlier.

  • Am I the only one who is triggered that his trident isnt riptide

  • When you spend a year building the same build, I totally get why you needed a break

  • I really didnt want to watch this video. All because it said noob in the tital. Your all but a noob my friend so you saying it maid a turn off effect.

  • It bothers me why his "Backup stuff" box doesnt look something like Helmet Chestplate Legings Boots etc. Helmet Chestplate Legings Boots etc. Helemt Chestplate Legings Boots etc.

  • When you get busy and are sad you're missing the iskall videos but you come back and he was just as busy👍

  • Has Iskall finished any projects this season?

  • You still owe Beef

  • Face-Palm tree

  • Hermits: upload schedule Also hermits: never heard of it.

  • 14:12 iskall: corona youtube: "demonitized"

  • "Redston genius of doom"

  • You know he's rich when he throws away non enchanted diamond tools

  • Remember when he challanged mumbo to "get good lol"

  • aquatown aquatown aquatown aquatownv aquatownaqua aquatown aquatowntown aquatown

  • lets goooooo he's back!!!!!


  • Am I the only one who finds vault hunters kinda annoying? I watched 2 or 3 episodes but nearly vanilla hermitcraft all the way for me.

  • Iskall, if you get a new trident and you put riptide on it. You can fly through the water, and in the rain

  • Your always leafing around in stead on building the branch

  • I thought he gave out his info for a minute

  • Really pleased to hear your feeing good again 😁 missed ya man

  • Iskall got good lol.

  • Iskall!! For Christmas take off all the leaves of the tree and put lights on it. It would look soooooooo cool

  • This video is procrastination incarnate

  • So glad you're back, I'd almost given up hope for your return 😅

  • We missed you 💛

  • I couldn't even be bothered to build a tree like that in creative

  • I would want one of those business cards. Just to have. One day, someone in japan will ask to see my collection, and that card will be the best one in the mix.

  • iskall not trying to back seat game but I feel like you'd have an easier time with the tree if you designed the way you want it to look from the outside with the leaves, then work your way inward with the branches. Of course do what you want though!

  • 16:49 Mumbo, one of the best redstoners in the world - well I guess all the redstoners escaped into space from mumbo's monstrous redstone creations, because he is the only one left.

  • So he is still building it?

  • Is the server still alive? like everyone is focused in "the 3rd life"

  • iskall you know right that somewhere under your tree you made a few chests containing a bunch of shulkers and stuff hahaha more then 2 double chests if I'm correct! you should go and check that too hahaha

  • iskall i use to be your fan , but you stoped uploading , now i find you stupid

  • Oh N00bSkall, you loveable tree-hugging clown - so glad you're feeling better 👍

  • Glad you are feeling better! I like the flattop Omega tree!

  • Hey iskall would you a sever called Dream SMP for 10 whole Days

  • Just me or the recording was quite fisheyed?

  • this is your base

  • I am not sure whether or not Iskall will finish the tree on time before Hermitcraft 8

  • Dude, finish the tree!

  • At one point I glanced up when the stat screen was up and for a second thought it said "times slept with villagers" 😳

  • brfund.info/too/video/lohmsaTJgopmk6k.html

  • The only thing I took from this video is, that I'm glad you're feeling better iskall ! I'm also super happy that we got a new video from you! hallo :)

  • Why iskall is not in 3rd life 😭😭

  • 16:49: FACTS

  • Ah, sorry you were ill Iskall. Glad you're feeling better now. ^_^ I enjoyed your video. I hope you're able to release another soon.

  • I love your videos!

  • Imagine Iskall in 3rd 😳😳😬😬😬😬

  • 942 hours in around 450 days isn't that impressive. It's only slightly over 2 hours per day on average. Regardless, happy to see you posting again Iskall. I do appreciate your sense of humor.

  • I would follow you on the twit-twats but then I would have to have a twit-twat account and then thr temptation to argue with those idiots would be too strong.

  • Iskall I have no emeralds. Me uh you had four stacks from Christmas

  • Dream smp vs hermitcraft

  • I don't have nore ever will have Twitter cause I don't want nore ever will want the blue bird on my phone so please don't try to persuade me, okay??

  • Now remember - this comes from the same guy that told Mumbo Jumbo to - and I quote: "git gud".

  • Iskall: we have to stop being a noob Me: Impossible

  • It took me 80 hermitcraft episodes to realize that iskall's camera settings are FREAKING STUPID

  • *twitch* N no a apostrophe o on hermitctaft’s. *twitch*

  • Hope youre feeling better!

  • Sad at how little hermit craft is on this channel. Was my favourite channel...

  • Nice to watch ur vids again iskall and good to hear that ur feeling better

  • I know this is BRfund and vh is on twitch but I just want to say again how good of a job you did on vh

  • Iskall how many times do I need to say this: Mumbo is a genius at redstone, you are not. So back off the territory of redstone.

  • The tree needs an elevator!

  • I fucking havent watched you since 5 months or something and you are still doing branches.

  • I'm constantly cleaning up my inventory, especially after I work on a build.

  • Holy fuck bro, stop getting distracted.

  • I swear I thought this was a video from season 6 and idk why

  • Why did I not get notif for this vid 🤔

  • bro ur sensitivity is too high my eyes

  • Dont appologice, iff you are sick you are sick and iff you dont uppload then ill wait and enjoy every minute of the video. Keep Up the good work you are the best.

  • hi

  • Pretty much every youtuber I watch: please follow me on twitter/instagram/snapchat/whatever My mom: NO SOCIAL MEDIA ALLOWED!! Me: :C

  • MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait i am not on hermit craft................

  • "Accidentally" Iskall: Ack-sic-den-ti-lee

  • Iskall:"ai ai ai" Me:"i'm your little butterfly!"

  • I don't think iskall remembers that he has only 20 more episodes to build the omega tree

  • Does iskall remember that he has a building made out of diamond ore in the industrial area

  • yup. i am ready to see iskall's 99 episodes of hermitcraft s7. (if you know what i mean)

  • Imagine if he fell

  • I know your kid jessica

  • 19:40 progress