I Made Giant Art Using 100,000 Legos | ZHC

Publicado em 30 Jun 2019
About 100000 legos were used.
I made a huge piece of art using only legos. The creation of this mosaic took about 75 hours to make and 100,000 legos were used
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  • Omg!!

  • This is a classic

  • I come from denmark

  • you prob said legos more than how many you had😂

  • 02:36 You dare aproch me mortal

  • Now they have to take it down 🤣🤣

  • Zack you should donate to animals more

  • Ha ha

  • Zach: this is 100k Me: they got extra legos :-:

  • Bruhhh so close to 10mil! ZCH

  • Draky Josh

  • turkey isnt a turkey

  • They’re not pixels with their studs

  • Salut! C'est une belle vidéo. J'adore les legos lol! Continuez votre bon travail, mec! J'aimerais pouvoir faire de l'art comme toi.

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  • What does ZHC stand for

  • @ZHC hi

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  • I have Legos and I know I have over 100,000 pieces I think I have like 300,000 pieces or something like that I’m not counted them but we have a girl a lot of Lego places so we have a bunch of Lego pieces we got all we already got over 100 sets so I think that’s a great 100 says yeah and yeah I wish you guys can make it there I think I’m driving so don’t be mad at me that if I don’t remember if it’s a dragon or Not ok

  • Wait- isnt your logo blue or at least an aqua color 🤔🧐

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  • This is amazing and I love to watch your videos

  • You gize are so nice🙂

  • I am a cancer survivor and I went to make a wish.

  • I’m watching this in 2021 I never new that Mr Beast was Zach’s role model

  • Imagine if there was one lego that didn't fit :O

  • How's satisfying is it to put every single piece in there perfectly

  • omg love the new rug hahah

  • He is my favorite BRfundr in the world😘😄🤗

  • ZHC in 2019: still not having merch🤣😬

  • you guys did sooooo well. i would never have the patients to do THAT MANY LEGOS. TENTHOUSAND!!? that is insane.

    • A hundred thousand not ten😭😭

  • do you have some money no oof 13:47

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  • That is.. Amazing

  • I love your Vids

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  • The pronounce pronanshiation of the plural of lego is lego

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  • You should do MrBeast logo and his crew on legos. That would make you and Jimmy proud. Also if the MrBeast crew could help you out.

  • and his friends

  • make a lego turkey

  • Zhc saying the oppiste:tue picture show kitten but he said puppy and the picture showed puppy and he said kittens I still aggre of ur guys work u guys brought art to me and made my life change from art love u guys!❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓

  • Now make it 3d

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  • Not gonna lie, you look a lot better with coloured hair but this amazing

  • Michel : * *Shakes Turkey* * Turkey Halp meh

  • Hi hi

  • Can I please be in one of your videos I’ve been an artist for four years and I really like your videos and I am a really good artist so can I please be in one of your videos and I live in Washington not Seattle or Minnesota I love you guys I love your channels I love ZHC😘

  • POV:your watching this on 2/21/21

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  • I wish I could get a ps5

  • God bless you 🤧❤️ ( I want to be like you when I grow up)

  • Who else noticed when he said puppy's and kittens when he said puppy's kittens popped up and when he said kittens puppy's popped up? 🤔

  • i wish i could win one of your ipads love your content

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  • I miss Steve

  • He adores smashing turkey

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  • The Legos was much more satisfying to watch

  • @Emilio Rosas-parlove

  • me who has more legosthan this

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  • 4:20 just wanted to see dont read this AY WHAT ARE YOU DOIN STAP

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  • Omg I just realized you realsed this video on my birthday! Wait... Imagine someone coming to your house and accidentally steps on it... OOF

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  • OMG so satisfying

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  • How many legos are there???

  • You should hang it up in your room

  • 25 seconds

  • Who’s watching this after Michel and Zach dyed their hair

  • Me: Watching this vid at 2021 Also Me Thinking: if i was the one making this art i will be enjoying this!

  • How do u know when to stop the black and go to green

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  • if i sand in legos i couid stand ti

  • you never even stubbed your toe??????????????

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  • Can I have one lego set please 😁😁 because I cannot afford them

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  • hi i am a big fan of your vidoes

  • If you put it wrong and try to remove it

  • Am I magic jumping on Lego’s dose not hurt

  • did he seriously count every lego