'Misunderstood' Teaser | Dexter | SHOWTIME

Publicado em 29 Abr 2021
America's favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan is back on SHOWTIME® in a new 10-episode limited series coming this fall. Starring Michael C. Hall. Watch the new Dexter Limited Series premiering in 2021. All past seasons now available to stream on SHOWTIME.
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He's smart, he's good looking, and he's got a great sense of humor. He's Dexter Morgan, everyone's favorite serial killer. As a Miami forensics expert, he spends his days solving crimes, and nights committing them. But Dexter lives by a strict code of honor that is both his saving grace and lifelong burden. Torn between his deadly compulsion and his desire for true happiness, Dexter is a man in profound conflict with the world and himself. Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall stars in the hit SHOWTIME Original Series.


  • Deter your back ❤️

  • Im so stoked! I wonder if he will see his sister in the same way he seen and talked to his dad

  • didnt know a 30 second video would make me wanna live 30 more years


  • Please don't kill him!!

  • This better justify that ending that traumatized me for years.. 😁

  • I love Dexter but People saying season 8 was the only bad season must have a low bar if you compare 6, 7 and 8 to the rest of the show. honestly the last 3 seasons were all over the place.

    • 👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄 After looking at reflection.

  • Gonna miss blood splatter vibes.

  • ı got good feelıngs thıs tıme

  • Song name and who it's by?

  • Hoping Deb appears in flashbacks, she bought so much to the show. Can't wait to see this!

  • I love that song ❤️😍 i can't wait for the season 9 😍❤️

  • Finally.

  • So at this point there are as many bad seasons as good seasons? So lets tip that scale and make it an okay series please

  • Finalllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy King is back

  • Dex the best .

  • Looking forward to the new season. Interestingly, nobody's mentioned the passing of Daniel Licht and how they'll handle the scoring. His music was a large part of Dexter's magic!

  • this was a great great series, until the last episode ruined it for me. Really.. L@S?

  • Nihayet

  • DEXTER!!!!!! God, look at that hairline.. When will this be available to watch in the UK??

  • 👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄 After looking at reflection.

  • Yes

  • Жду больше, чем Новый Год🫀🫀🫀

  • Ooohhh! It's back! One of my favorite serial killer's series is back! Its been a long time since the last season, I really didn't like the last season though, but I'm exited for this one! Will an older Harrison appear? Where is Dexter? If Deb who was his reason for having that "human" side of his is ..."you all know what" would Dexter be then controlled by his dark passenger's urges? Is he going to kill without following Harry's code?

  • Did u see the man in the table behind Dexter? Look at the mirror... XD

  • This is it!!!! We miss you Dexter💉❤🔪

  • Türkler ses verin 😂

  • Image of Wrapped body on window 👀, omg the bay harbor butcher back 😍 millions of people across the globe eagerly waiting for you DEXTER.

  • DEXTER, only serial killer one who everyone wishes that never die..... Eagerly waiting. Love ♥️ Dexter

  • Dexter: The life after being a serial killer Lumberjack edition

  • This needs more attention oh my god I'm so excited

  • Bitch oh my Lord I'm readyyyyy

  • They need you in Miami Dexter!

  • Love this opening with Nina. Dexter is my all time favorite series.

  • I think Deb will be the voice in Dexters head this time around, not Harry.

  • I just started this show and thought it had ended we'll damn this is something to look forward to

  • Love it !!!

  • The *butcher* is _coming_ ...

  • Can anyone please tell me the name of the song played in the teaser?

  • Kinda love this song.

  • Can't wait..

  • Só veeeeeeeeeemmmmmm

  • show.

  • rip deb

  • I hope the show is as good as the cartoons

  • i’ve never been so satisfied with something that lasted 30 seconds 😩😂

  • How man times can u kick a dead horse?

    • Nope. They screwed it up with the dead sister, hurricane, lumberjack bullshit ending. Game of Thrones ended better than Dexter and that was a total clusterfuck. No thanks.

  • I still miss Deb 🥲

  • Someone is lying on a table!you can see the reflection in the window glass. Who else saw?

    • Im so happy. Blood is life

  • They are going to do him dirty like Han Solo. Bring him back just to kill him. Sucks.

  • Rewatching to remember every detail. Might start a notebook 💀

  • This tells. Me. Nothing

  • his eyebrows got smaller


  • I almost don’t wanna watch this because of Deb 😭😭😭.

  • i’m gonna cry this is my favorite show ever


  • Oh yeah!! Tell me Dexter is coming back!

  • This comment section is divine

  • Nope. They screwed it up with the dead sister, hurricane, lumberjack bullshit ending. Game of Thrones ended better than Dexter and that was a total clusterfuck. No thanks.

  • I think I will cry with so much emotion and happiness

  • damn...guess I'm subscribing to showtime again...

  • Im so happy. Blood is life

  • WHAT!??!???!???!!!!!!?????!?!?!?!?!??!?! OMG!??!??!??!?!

  • victims should be the people who decided to make a 6,7 and 8th season


  • Once Dexter, always Dexter. I stopped watching it after Rita was gone though.

  • Cant wait

  • Now I’m happy 😃

  • I love that the tone of this trailer is so upbeat after the travesty of the final season and finale. Wished they acknowledge the letdown and make us feel like we're getting a true ending.


  • Intriguing.


  • didnt know a 30 second video would make me wanna live 30 more years

  • Sorry, this show is dead to me. It died with Deb, that was the final straw.

  • Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again.

  • Why is this necessary?? The ending of the show didn't make any sense at all, why even bother now with this... sequel?

  • Since the last time this show was on I'm pretty sure I've broken a rule or two from Harry's code .

    • @cnmmd qiuoo Lol me tooooo like yesh daddy Dexter's back

    • dudeeee this gave me the chills

  • Can't wait to see my favorite Super Hero back in action!

  • This makes me so happy😊

  • Mmmmmm.... yummy.

  • I still remember the shock i felt at the end of I think season 4 with the trinity killer and dexter coming home to find her in the tub. Felt like a gut punch. And then it kinda became shit after that season.


  • Really?!

  • Finally!

  • "Our favorite serial killer." Never thought I would use those words.

  • Welcome back Dexter! I recorded a cover of Dexter's Blood Theme with my own original lyrics and vocals. The lyric video is on my channel.

  • Dexter Season 10 in 2024

  • Song is Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Nina Simone

  • So excited. I watched this the other day and someone mentioned the sound of muffled cries in the background.. then today I saw Jennifer Carpenter posted about the victim in the teaser and I rewatched. How did I even miss that? Soooo excited for this revival 💙

  • Unico defeito é a parede que não ta plastificada. erro pequeno, grande serie

  • dudeeee this gave me the chills

  • Hes back!

  • fingers crossed they end it right this time

  • I know it’s only been 6 days Dexter trailer, but just checking up on you. Can’t wait to watch you😘

  • ı love dexter...

  • Wonder if they gonna have Harrison as a teenager

  • Song please ?

  • Thank God this crazy is back!