START 1000th AND FINISH 1st! IS IT POSSIBLE?! Mountain of Hell, the biggest mountain bike race!

Publicado em 29 Jun 2020
Is it possible to win the biggest MTB race on earth while starting 1000th?! Jump on board with Damien to relive his journey through the Mountain of Hell final race. To learn more about this MTB mass start and Damien's result:

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  • Cette vidéo n'est pas un reupload, la vidéo n'a jamais été publiée. On vous avez partagé le run de Max, celui-ci est celui de Damien ! 🔥 Pour en savoir plus :

    • @Telvin Balendrawhat did x111 say if you dont mind me asking.

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    • Looks like a call of duty intro when war begins

    • Ci vous êtes arrivez jusque ici faites quelques choses avec votre vie s’il vous plaît Édit: if ur here do something with ur fucking life

  • this looks terrifying

  • 43min!

  • Shame your tire broke but it was still a great video! You seem very polite!

  • TryHard

  • this video made me realize how much I miss going on bike rides through the woods/hills ! while I never rode my bike on mountains like this, I went through trails that went through fairly large & rocky hills near my house when I was younger(10-13) ! my favorite part of bike riding with my childhood friend was going downhill, with the wind (and dirt being thrown up from my friends bike) in my face, total freedom ! we always had ropes on our bikes in case one of us got a flat tire/slid down the hill a bit and needed help getting up. we used those ropes more then we thought we would haha !! I might take my old-ish(5 year) mountain bike out of retirement and go find some trails near my new house ! this was very fun to watch :) + getting a flat tire sucks! I always hated getting one while in the middle of a ride, it's so hard to continue to ride while your tire is flat! you did amazing, continuing even once it got flat. I'm so glad I found this video ! :)

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  • Insane

  • this is so chill😌

  • 0:10 poor bike

  • I just listend to a man breathing heavily into my ears for 40 minutes.

  • 4:35 man i cant stop laughing

  • Its that 8:17 clip for me

  • i got problem with interpol

  • Went outside the boundaries and gained a lot of ground....cheating.

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  • Lol how is this safe??

  • When he cleaned that camera lens at 6:25 [Everybody liked that]

  • i turned 2× playback speed so, i watch it to much intense.

  • Haven't looked but there's gotta be a Mario kart reference somewhere in these comments

  • Tu m'essouffle mec! 🥵😂

  • this video is so addictive, 40 minutes fly by like 5 minutes

  • *Anime protagonist be like*

  • Wait so what place did Max get?

  • I remember playing the same mission in Gta San Andreas


  • Downhill domination 👀

  • This race sums up life.

  • Wow, crazy stuff good for you!

  • Não entendi nada, mas gostei do vídeo

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  • Over 22 million people: Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Anxiety

  • Жаль что колесо пробил. Хорошо шел.

  • OMG HAHA ich hätte die ersten 10 meter gefühlt nicht geschafft xD

  • Me, who has completed all 6 cycling stages on Wii sports resort: *"You know, I'm something of a mountain biker myself"*

  • How does max teleport like that

  • How many views can I get on my vid???

  • where is this ?


  • 老铁 6666

  • Y did the tape stop before u fell yeh sado

  • Why this is so intense

  • there should be an online game just like this, imagine playing with 1000 people online heheh

  • The fact this man has time to clean the camera every so often and gives sponsor shouts is pretty insane.

  • How do you want to commit suicide? 1000 people:

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  • Mom : Where the sound of breathing comes? Me: DON'T worry mum. It is just s heart

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  • This is hilariously awesome!!!!

  • Waw franchement chapeau, avec un pneu crevé à mis parcours on peut lâcher des gros gg

  • man youre crazy you walk with your bike all the way up to the hill xD

  • Like si viste el hombre en bici sin manos en el minuto 4:54 like

  • Credits for bringing the bike in one piece I wish to join this race once❤️

  • Боже как там красиво, даже хочется пойти погулять по этим бескрайним зелёным просторам, к сожалению у меня в городе такой красоты нету


  • Best example of life sucks.! The start is the hardest most quit and one doesn't chase until the target is almost close from there slowly you begin to feel the joy coming but still some fails bcoz luck still matters and finally one is above all succed.

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  • Me and my friend just done watch your video and you give us some motivation .... .keep that job ....alwsome ....

  • I gont know why but it's interesting nothing happened but it's interesting how did you do that?

  • where did this race take place?beautiful view~

  • tiba tiba nongol di branda gw

  • That was awesome. Absolutely gutted for the rider to get a puncture, but props for finishing it off. Well done boss 💪🏼

  • Little did they know that 2020 would be worse...

  • I need to get this game, the demo is epic!

  • He got so unlucky at the end oh my God NOOO

  • just do ittt nothing is impossible yessss you cannnnn

  • Watching this makes me very tired

  • This remind me of Downhill Domination on PS2 lol

  • Owlaps :making good time on track to go from 1000th to first Back tire : Think again bub

  • Ahh Mantap !!!!

  • my Max🥺

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  • recommended anyone?

  • Я так понимаю на этой трассе должно очень повезти что бы приехать к финишу))

  • Fun fact he doesn't get first

  • OK, I wonder if I'm the only one here who imagined Mario kart music while watching parts of this video?

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  • Is it me or does rainbow road not look like what I remember it looking like

  • Was on my BRfund recommendation..must say I'm intrigued im subscribing

  • This man would win the hunger games

  • I would’ve ran off the map so many times

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  • Why didn't you just throw in a new tube??? You lost a lot more time and positions riding it out.

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  • Quantos metros acima do mar ele tava?

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  • 4:41 has me dying the way the guy fell off in front of him😭😭

  • 42:47 I thought the was a middle finger 😂🤣

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